Cover letter

This is in reference to the position of Intern at  DREAMZMETGLOBAL. Ranjeet Gakhare suggested that I contact you regarding this position. I recently graduated from Nirma Institute of Technology at Ahmedabad with a M.Tech degree in Computer Science and Technology. I have attached my resume, which provides more information about my qualification and how I might prove to be an asset to your firm.

My course work at Nirma University has exposed me to an extensive set of programming experience. I have successful experience in developing Python, Java and Matlab Simulink. I am always willing to learn new things and take on the new challenges. One of the major challenges was achieving great success in the research project where the purpose was to understand the new technology and remodelled it to get effective and better output for the dataset used.

The quality of leadership

was thoroughly developed when I played a crucial role as President of the FACE-IT committee which allowed me to cultivate the ability to communicate with superiors, subordinates and other members which earned me a great deal of trust and credibility.

I plan to follow-up within the next week to introduce myself and set a time to talk in more depth. I have enclosed a resume for your review. Please feel free to contact me at the mailing address or phone number mentioned in my resume. I appreciate your time in considering my candidacy.


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